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From Bretling Avengers and Super Avenger replica watch is two great self-winding mechanical chronograph must withstand a lot of pressure, up to 300 meters of capacity. These products include special diving watch from the divers, and mechanical and Super quartz sports series. Convenient transportation, or confusion, the series is named Avengers, like one of those models. These two models share almost all of the basic features and technical characteristics, and the only difference in size (and therefore the weight as well) and slightly different dials and border appearance.

The main difference between the Avengers and Avengers super traits diameter, thickness and weight. As expected, shares the name of one of the collection is slightly smaller and lighter. Top Quality Breitling Bentley replica is even 45 mm and 17.4 mm thickness and diameter of 144.3 grams weight rather bulky watches (about 5 ounces). This fully bear the name Super Avenger larger version, or even a large piece. It has an impressive width of 48 mm, 18.6 mm thickness and the weight of 153.3 grams of about 5.4 ounces that obvious difference is its dial, the dial features Arabic numerals Avengers, while Super Avenger with a time stamp.

These two are not in the same Avenger Chronograph third thing is Avenger bezel has engraved in increments of 5 numbers and locations, are engraved with the rest of the bar, but only in the post Super Avenger 15, 30 and 45. the last digit is the difference between using the dial color. The choice of colors is available for Avengers tungsten gray, black volcanic Air Force blue and silver clouds. All the dials, except one, there is only the timing counter in the same color, but gray tungsten can be purchased with silver sub-dials. Super Avenger, on the other hand, to provide black and white dial (with the same color sub-dial), and Air Force blue and black volcanic style is paired with white counters subsidiary.